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Welcome to the Kennedy Cougar Alumni Forum
Hosted by Vince Grittani-jfk 1971, Stephanie Hassett- jfk 1977, and ZZBruce-"first graduating class-1968".

We are Kennedy Alumni and all Kennedy Alumni are welcome "free of charge and NO Advertisements or Popups
Our school was located on Bellmore Avenue in Bellmore NY home of "THE COUGARS"
Please use a name the moderators can identify and avoid using numeral names or names that we cannot identify. Remember this is an Alumni forum for connecting and its only polite.

Forum Rules are do not advertise or use our members e-mails to spam, or advertise for profit unless it has some value to our alumni.

IMPORTANT: Members are required to use a nickname with the year they graduated or use the name they had in high school. This allows Alumni to know who you are.
If you are not an alumni of JFK please e-mail a moderator or let us know who you are. Moderators will e-mail nicknames unkown to members.
Failure to comply will result in forum expulsion-Permanently
Using a false e-mail address, or using a fake name will result in an ISP ban which is irreversible, and permanent even if you try to use a new name.
Please be respectful to others and though disagreements may occur, do not slander moderators or users.
Enjoy your stay and thank you for visiting the COUGAR message board